Made a mix a couple of weeks ago. I got about half way through before the last mix i didn’t like. It will get you through 30 minutes of your day tho.


Coffee Shop Spotify Playlist

So I got a Premium Spotify account after I updated to lollipop on my phone and found out i couldn’t use Pandora Patcher anymore. While reading around, I came across this comment of someone saying they would rather pay for Spotify than have a hacked pandora app. I thought sure let’s try it, so far I think homeboy is right.

Here is a playlist I have been working on. It pretty much sums up my musical tastes.


Claude Vonstroke and Justin Martin 2012 Christmas Show

So while searching the internets for torrents of Dirtybird tracks, I stumbled along this 2 hour long mp3 of when Claude and Justin took over for a Christmas show on Pete Tong’s show at BBC radio 1 last year. Since it’s that time of year again I thought I would post it here to share with all. Ho, Ho, Ho.


Mexico Road Trip to Rosarito for Justin Martin 8.17.13

Some friends and I were taking a road trip to Mexico, but it wasn’t like times where i have been to Mexico before where we just goto our destation and back. We were going to san luis, picking up two people, then driving to Mexicali, spending the night there before we make it to our destation of Rosarito just a little south of Tijuana along the coast.

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2ToneDisco Horizon Mix


2Tone has dropped a new mix for our listening pleasure. Although I still haven’t listened to it yet, lol, i’m sure it’s good. He is one of my favorite djs in the phx metro area. Dude has helped me out with some parties in the past, one time he wasn’t even playing that night he just showed up to help. Love this homie. So anyways take some time to check out the tunes and drop by the website.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/97265510″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Coachella 2013

Finally got around to posting my Coachella adventure. I wasn’t even gonna go this year, but some of my best friends decided to go last minute, so I had to hit craigslist to find a ticket. I was lucky enough to find this chick that just got a job at Facebook and wasn’t able to go. I bought it from her for $280 🙂 I took Friday and Monday off and headed to Indio with my two roommates. The weekend was a blast, but how could it not be, right?! Here are some videos and pictures. The photos aren’t mine, videos are. Really mad at myself for not getting any footage of Major Lazer though.




Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Modest Mouse

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Pill Murray – Epic Club Bangers Volume One

I had to put out this mix as Pill Murray so I could borrow a pair of cdj-900s. My tables are so outta wack it’s not really fun anymore. I downloaded some torrent full of club tracks, thumbed through it and shit this out. It’s probably the best recorded mix I have ever done, and it was the first one where I would loop the beginning and end of each track. Even when I use Serato I would keep it old school, I gave into technology ha.

1. Flash Down. Steve Aoki, Angger Dimas, Afrojack vs. Green Velvet, Nicky Romero
2. Make Some Atom (Clockwork Bootleg). Chuckie, JunxterJack vs. Nari & Milani
3. Joyenergizer (Original Mix). Sander Van Doorn
4. Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (Tom Swoon Remix). Bloody Beetroots, Greta Svabo Bech
5. One Step Atom (Abel Ramos Mashup).Nari & Milani
6. Strong (Dannic Remix). Kid Massive, Alex Sayz, Miella
7. Lockdown (Original Mix). Jason Risk feat. NessaKay
8. We Got This (Original Mix). George Acosta
9. In Time feat. Anabel Englund (The 8th Note Remix). PeaceTreaty
10. Spike (Original Mix). Charlie Darker
11. Lights (Nothing Matters Now) (feat. Keshia Angeline) (Incognet Remix). Titus1
12. The Rookie (Original Mix). The Chainsmokers
13. Intropical (Original Mix). Walden
14. Help Me (Original Mix). Quadro

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/85109427″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Dillon Francis @ Monarch in Phoenix, AZ (Masta Blasta Rebirth)

This is the original video by Pheosia Films but wasn’t allowed to release it because the Masta Blasta Rebirth music video wasn’t out yet. The homie at Pheosia put up the vid up on a password protected vimeo link and let me see it since I make more appearances in this video than Dillon does. I have downloaded it and posted it here for the world to see. I was definitely on one this night and idgafos. It was a great fucking night

Dillon Francis in Phoenix

This post is dedicated to Dillon Francis. I was able to see him in downtown Phoenix a couple of weeks back, and the place was wild. I was able to sneak backstage and ask him about his recent trip to Alaska. I was a little wasted and don’t remember to much of what he said, but I think the convo when something like this.
Me: “So how did you like Alaska?”
Dillon: “It was okay”
Me: “ya, I’m from there”
lol..yaaa I would make a terrible music journalist.. I know we talked about the EDC Alaska video he made but that is about all I remember 😐 He was a very nice person, and I was happy I was able to meet him. Such a fun night!

Here is the video from that night shot by the one and only PheosiA Films Production as well as the EDC Alaska vid, the new Masta Blasta video along with the Que Que video and some crappy pictures I took off my phone.

Tabs – Killing It

I haven’t had much time lately, nor have I had anything to write about really. Here is something to get me out of my slump. Tabs is my favorite Pabst drinking, Bugler rolling, American Spirit smoking dj producer duo and they have finally put out a mix for everyone to enjoy. If you have a dirty apartment to clean, put on this mix and your place will be clean in no time, or you will at least be dancing around your room naked.



Phoenix House Mafia Live at Night Light

We threw this party to celebrate my bday and just to have fun. I wanted to try to get everyone I knew to play. I didn’t really promote it, because I didn’t want it to get shut down by the po-pos. It went about as well as I could have wanted it to, but anyways back to the point of this post. I know these 3 dudes, great guys, and they know each other really well, all great producers/djs. I thought it would be dope if they did a tag set. Mr. Vegas, Prower and Spank dubbed them self’s Phoenix House Mafia and lived up to the name, here is their live mix from the party, check it!!



I first heard of Araab not even 2 weeks ago. The I Remember Deadmau5 remix popped up on the Hype charts and I really dug it. I thought who is this guy with the DJ name drop sample at the beginning at all of his tracks kinda cheesy, but if you really wanna make sure people know who did the track that’s how you do it. Then I saw the video below of him chopping up dubstep tracks and playing them back live on the MPC, that is when I started to do some investigating.

AraabMUZIK is a producer for dipset, which is the reason I have never heard of him, I haven’t really been paying attention to the commercial rap scene for some years now. I used to be into production on the MPC, but i gave up that pipe dream, went to school and pursued some of my other interests. The live sets Araab does with the MPC are incredible, he looks like a robot, I haven’t seen shit like this since Jel, which is more my style of Hip-Hop and is worth checking out too, but AraabMUZIK is on another level. He has made a more EDM album called Electronic Dream, which is really not that great, but any producer that dabbles in more that one genre gets kudos, especially when he plays the MPC like that.



download the torrent to Electronic Dream