Pfsense Adventures

There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:19: cannot define table bogonsv6: Cannot allocate memory – The line in question reads [19]: table persist file “/etc/bogonsv6”

over over again, then it stops passing traffic..

thank you internets.


Solution is to increase Max firewall table entries to 500,000 from the default 200,000 and then reload filter. 

System > Advanced > Firewall & NAT > Firewall Maximum Table Entries > 500000
Status > Filter Reload > Reload Filter


I guess I should upgrade.

Matebook X vs. XPS 13

When I saw the leaked pictures of the 2018 XPS 13 (pictured below) I wasn’t a fan. I had been thinking about an upgrade, but I didn’t like that the design didn’t change much or that they made it white.

I’d had been eyeing the Matebook X, the shit is beautiful. I had watched all the videos on youtube and read all the reviews. One thing they complained about was the trackpad had a clicky noise. I just assumed these people had ocd. I mean there is a little bit of a noise if you tap near the mouse buttons, but its not a big deal at all. I love the big keys on the keyboard. The 2160 x 1440 resolution, 3:2 ratio makes it a lot better to work on that’s for sure. The fingerprint reader on the power button is tits too. I have had this guy for 5 days and so far I love it. Huawei did a great job with this, if you’re looking for a ultra portable laptop, this is your dude. Here are some comparison shots of the early-2015 XPS 13 and the 2017 Matebook X.



I was having an issue with a fresh install of owncloud when i came across next. I was kind of amazed how the whole shit looked exactly the same, even their website looked like a straight copy. I couldn’t figure out my issue with owncloud was, some php error.. but when i decided tried next, I didn’t do anything different, it just worked. I already had everything installed, setup, and php mods enabled, so i don’t know what was up. The iOS app is better though. Some dude on the app reviews was like just use the owncloud app, and save yourself the dollar…lol. ya that worked, but nextclouds interface is cleaner, and smoother.

Here is a snap of performance on ubuntu 16.10, with latest php, mysql, and apache as of date. Never seen this thing use more than 700M, while syncing two Windows clients and uploading from the web ui.

Sorry, owncloud.

djm-900 usb record

didn’t know you could record with the usb port on the djm-900. here is a little messing around mix to test it out..

Alexa and Philips Hue IFTTT Recipes

So I got the Fire TV today and well I like it. Coming from the Nexus Player, the Fire TV is just a nicer product. I guess you would need an Amazon Prime account for it to be that much better, but I already had one before this purchase. It’s kinda neat that you can use Alexa with the Fire TV, which makes a lot more sense that buying the Echo. Anyways, i’m going to get to the topic of this post besides going on and on about the Fire TV since I have only had for half a day.

I use IFTTT to turn on and off my Philips Hue lights during sunrise and sunset. I noticed the Alexa and Hue recipes, but decided to make own to keep it consistent. The link below is where you can find my IFTTT profile with the Alexa Hue recipes. Once you have both Alexa and Philips Hue connected to IFTTT, add the recipes, then you can control your lights by saying “trigger lights” then whichever action. i.e. “trigger lights off” “trigger lights bright” “trigger light dim”

Ghost SCOM Objects

sometimes you may come across ghost SCOM objects, servers that show up in Monitoring with green empty circle, but don’t show up in agent managed or pending management. when this happens you will have to go into the SQL database and do some trickery.

greenempty_Ghost SCOM Objects

The query below will show you the object in the OperationsManager database. You will see it has IsDeleted set to 0

SELECT * FROM dbo.[BasemanagedEntity] where FullName Like ‘%Windows.Computer%’ and Name Like ‘%FQDN.domain.local%’;
command1_Ghost SCOM Objects

This query will set the IsDeleted to 1. after a couple of minutes it should disappear from monitoring in SCOM.

UPDATE dbo.[BasemanagedEntity] SET IsDeleted = 1 where FullName Like ‘%Windows.Computer%’ and Name Like ‘%FQDN.domain.local%’;

The server may also be stuck in pending actions. the query below will show you this.

select * from agentpendingaction

If the server is in there, run the query below to delete it from the database. After a couple of minutes the server should pop back up in pending management were you can approve.

exec p_AgentPendingActionDeleteByAgentName ‘FQDN.domain.local’

*when copying these queries the quotes won’t copy as SQL quotes*

SonicWall PFSense VPN

Setting up a tunnel between two different firewalls can be rather tricky at times. Here we’ll go over configuring a VPN with a SonicWall NSA 250 on with a PFSense on 2.3.1-RELEASE-p5.

Let’s go over the config on the sonicwall first. On it, I only need to get to the DMZ network on the X2 interface. There are two networks on the PFSense side, so need to create two address objects and place them in a group.

Now with the address objects created, we can start on the VPN configuration. The Sonicwall has a static IP, the PFSense does not. It easier to get the tunnel up if we use domain names for the IKE IDs. I created a dynamic DNS name with to use on the PFSense side.

For the network config I select the network on the Sonicwall side for the local network which is the X2 subnet, and for the remote networks, I select the address object group.

IKE proposals and lifetimes for the phase1 and phase2 policies on both sides need to match.

On the advance tab just leave at default.

Now on the PFSense side you create a phase1 policy then phase2 policies for the 2 local networks.





Next, create a phase2 policy.


I enter in a host on the sonicwall side for the PFsense to ping to keep the tunnel up.

Now with any luck you should have green dots.


I had mixed feelings about being back home, but it was still are some pics from the HTC Re. I will upload the one of my iphone soon. need to deleted those shits anyway

Plex and FreeNAS

Plex media server plugin for FreeNAS slays. maybe someday i’ll make a step-by-step.

movies music

Here is the setup of the cifs shares.


Here are the plugins I use.


here is the config of the storage for the jail/plugins.


Stylish: Browser Plugin

Stylish is a browser plugin were it can change the look of your favorite websites. After you have installed the plugin, you can go to to browse and add the different styles that are available.

An example of styles I have added.

The Twitter styles I use are: Twittify!, Twitter Hide Moments Tab, and a custom style that changes the heart like icon to any emoji of your choosing. Just copy the code below and replace the poo with whatever emoji you want.
.HeartAnimationContainer { visibility: hidden; } .HeartAnimationContainer:after { content: ‘?’; visibility: visible; display: block; position: absolute; }
Capture2 Capture


XInsta is a Xposed mod were you can download pictures and video from Instagram. Another reason in the long list of reasons to root your android.