Insomniac and Steve LeVine Entertainment presented The Soundwave Music Festival on Friday, October 14th 2011 at the Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe, AZ. The event is pretty much in my top 10 favorite nights. I have never gone to a giant EDM event before, which in comparison to TAO, EDC, or Ultra, Soundwave is nothing I hear, guess I live a sheltered life. But nevertheless, I had a free ticket, everyone I knew was gonna be there, so I went :) Here is the official Soundwave video from PheosiA Films Production along with some pictures from PheosiA and Thegetdownnn via Tabs to go with it.


***Waikiki Beach***
Z Trip
Dirty South
Manufactured Superstars
DJ Eye
La Sape

***Kilauea Cove****
Trolley Snatcha
Mark Instinct
DJ Radar
Pickster One
At Dawn We Rage

***Bora Bora Bay***
Michael James
Jared Alan
William Reed
Dream State
Lee Greentree
Will Power
Paul Nazzaro

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