Doing things with passion and love.


-Systems Administrator (Windows, VMware, Tanium, Solarwinds, Systems Center)

-Wordpress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Crypto

-PfSense, NextCloud, OpenVPN, eFa Spam Filter

-Wedding DJ

IT Services

Open source solutions that help solve problems for individuals and small business.

Brave Browser
The Brave browser blocks the ads and trackers that slow you down, chew up your bandwidth, and invade your privacy. Brave even lets you contribute to your favorite creators automatically. Download…
Pfsense Adventures
There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:19: cannot define table bogonsv6: Cannot allocate memory – The line in question reads [19]: table persist file “/etc/bogonsv6” over over again, then it stops…