Alexa and Philips Hue IFTTT Recipes

So I got the Fire TV today and well I like it. Coming from the Nexus Player, the Fire TV is just a nicer product. I guess you would need an Amazon Prime account for it to be that much better, but I already had one before this purchase. It’s kinda neat that you can use Alexa with the Fire TV, which makes a lot more sense that buying the Echo. Anyways, i’m going to get to the topic of this post besides going on and on about the Fire TV since I have only had for half a day.

I use IFTTT to turn on and off my Philips Hue lights during sunrise and sunset. I noticed the Alexa and Hue recipes, but decided to make own to keep it consistent. The link below is where you can find my IFTTT profile with the Alexa Hue recipes. Once you have both Alexa and Philips Hue connected to IFTTT, add the recipes, then you can control your lights by saying “trigger lights” then whichever action. i.e. “trigger lights off” “trigger lights bright” “trigger light dim”