Android OS with SonicWALL L2TP server

The main thing about the droid is that is uses xauth, DES for phase 2 of the IPsec negotiation, and L2TP has to be configured on the Sonicwall.

On the Droid the settings are pretty basic.

In the Droid go to settings > Wireless & Networks > VPN settings

Add VPN > add L2TP/IPsec PSK VPN

VPN name: office

VPN server: or IP address

IPsec pre-shared key: enter the shared secret off the general tab of the WAN GroupVPN

Make sure the L2TP secret is disabled

The DNS search domains is optional .

Sonicwall configuration:

On the Sonicwall go to VPN > settings and edit the WAN GroupVPN. On the General Tab make up a pre-shared key.

On the proposal tab change the encryption for phase 2 to DES. You can leave the lifetime at defaults.

On the Advanced tab, enable XAuth and set the user group to Trusted users.

On the Client tab, allow connects to: all secured gateways, and enable set default route as this gateway.

Now under VPN > L2TP server, configure a L2TP IP pool that is on a different subnet that your LAN. L2TP has to route.

Go to Users > Local Users. Add a new user, goto the VPN access tab and give the user access to firewall subnets, L2TP pool and WAN Remote Access Networks.

Make sure you reconfigure a default outbound NAT policy to nat the L2TP clients out. This can be done just by changing the inbound interface to any. Some versions of firmware will make a L2TP outbound NAT policy for you.

If you run into any issue don’t forget to check the logs on the sonicwall.

Sorry i don’t have any pretty pictures for you to follow. If you have any issues please don’t contact me. I will not answer.