Bypassing your company’s web filter

are you trying to go to facebook or watch porn at work and are being blocked by your company’s firewall or web filter?

SSH tunneling is your way to get unfiltered web access at work, just don’t get caught.

The ssh daemon/service is usually more known with Linux systems. When SSHed in at work, I had a couple of the guys that were more familiar with linux see my command shell to my windows box and ask “are you SSHed into a windows box?” and I reply “why yes I am”

So this is what you need:

one internet connection
one windows box (xp will work, im pretty sure these two programs install on XP)
SSH client (putty, openSSH)
a router/firewall that can NAT/port forward TCP port 22

Download winSSHD here and CCproxy here. Install Both.

winSSHD can be left alone with default configuration. CCproxy has to be configured to run as a service and a port, i used 8080.

Port forward/NAT TCP port 22 to your SSH server.

On your workstation at work or school. install putty or openSSH client. I use openSSH, it’s command line. OSX already has SSH client commands installed but I use Jellyfissh to manage my SSH tunnels.

once installed open a command window and type:
ssh -f xx.xx.xx.xx(your public IP) -L 8080:(IP address of the SSH server):8080 username(username on server) -N
The command should look something like this:
ssh -f -L 8080: administrator -N
It should say something about a key, just type yes.
then it should ask you for a password. if it failed it will tell you, if it connected it won’t say anything.

Now you have to configure your browser to use a proxy on the loopback address( and use port 8080.

Now if you go to ipchicken you should see the IP address of your internet connection at home and not your works IP address.