Engenius ECB9500 POS

The other day I had to swap out one of my client’s old access point with this Engenius ECB9500. By default it is configured as a wireless bridge and has an IP of I log into it change the IP to be on the client’s subnet, change it from wireless bridge mode to access point mode, then it disappears…I can’t connect to it at the IP I changed it to, I can’t connect to it on it’s default IP, nothing. I thought maybe after i changed it to access point mode maybe it defaults to DHCP, nope. I read the admin guide, nothing helpful. Maybe its a browser issue, nope. I’m just going to cut my rant short and tell you when you change it to access point mode it defaults to it took me a hour to figure that out only have finally noticing in firefox’s status bar that it was trying to connect to that address after i changed it to AP mode. Hey Engenius it was genius that you didn’t include that in the admin guide.