Ghost SCOM Objects

sometimes you may come across ghost SCOM objects, servers that show up in Monitoring with green empty circle, but don’t show up in agent managed or pending management. when this happens you will have to go into the SQL database and do some trickery.

greenempty_Ghost SCOM Objects

The query below will show you the object in the OperationsManager database. You will see it has IsDeleted set to 0

SELECT * FROM dbo.[BasemanagedEntity] where FullName Like ‘%Windows.Computer%’ and Name Like ‘%FQDN.domain.local%’;
command1_Ghost SCOM Objects

This query will set the IsDeleted to 1. after a couple of minutes it should disappear from monitoring in SCOM.

UPDATE dbo.[BasemanagedEntity] SET IsDeleted = 1 where FullName Like ‘%Windows.Computer%’ and Name Like ‘%FQDN.domain.local%’;

The server may also be stuck in pending actions. the query below will show you this.

select * from agentpendingaction

If the server is in there, run the query below to delete it from the database. After a couple of minutes the server should pop back up in pending management were you can approve.

exec p_AgentPendingActionDeleteByAgentName ‘FQDN.domain.local’

*when copying these queries the quotes won’t copy as SQL quotes*