iOS 7 Beta

Installed iOS 7 Beta on my 4s today. It is a little buggy but I think im going keep using it. Some of the bugs I have noticed are: when opening apps they don’t line up with the screen until they fully open. Kik messenger won’t open. In instagram sometimes the pictures will go black in the news feed. The face on my snapchat icon is missing, weird, but it still works. For the most part it works fine. Hotspot works with usb tethering, the flashlight works, google voice, everything that really matters to me is functional.

I really like the flat UI design, everyone is going with flat so why not apple. I just think flat looks cleaner and I guess so does everyone else. There really isn’t any new features that i have noticed, maybe i should read up on it instead of installing on my phone first :\ but there is a settings control menu you get to by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top. From there you can get to the volume, flashlight, clock, camera, etc. The color scheme changes with the color of your background. For instance if your background is blueish then buttons will be tented blue, if the background is red then the buttons will be tented red, kinda neato. The transitions from app to app and when an app opens is pretty cool yet pretty buggy. I’m sure it will all be running smooth when it is released to the public.

You can install iOS7 beta pretty easily. If you don’t have developers account with apple you can find it on the torrent networks for you device. You will need to be on the latest iOS at first, then just connect your phone to your computer, open itunes, goto the phone section then shift-click on windows or alt-click on mac on the upgrade button and open the iOS7.ipsw file. I have posted a youtube video to follow if you don’t understand my very vague instructions.

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