Migrating Kayako Fusion From Windows to Ubuntu

I guess I was bored at work, but when I started at the place I work at now, they had Kayako Fusion installed on a WAMP box running XP sitting on a laptop at the desk I sit at. I built a Proxmox box the other day out of an Acer desktop and I thought “boy wouldn’t it be great if I could move Kayako off that stupid laptop and put it on a VM running Ubuntu?!” So I created a VM and installed Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and SSH. Installed MySQL workbench on my laptop and exported the Kayako database, then grabbed the Kayako web files.

I wanted to have this system running on the least possible memory it could so I uninstalled the GUI from Ubuntu which also forced myself to learn Linux commands better, lol. I used Putty and Filezilla to administer the box. The whole process went pretty well. The only problems I ran into were there were cache files in one of the web files directories that were moved over that need to be deleted. PHP needs to be installed with IMAP and with the mail function, and Setting up the cronjob that uses wget to run a PHP script that fetches the emails and places them in the queue.

Here are some links that will help you out:

Setting up the PHP mail function on Ubuntu

Setting up a cron job to use wget to fetch the emails from the help desk mailbox