Motorola Xoom

If anyone knows me well they know how much of a nerd I can be, and the Motorola Xoom definitely brings that out in me. The Android OS was the best thing that could ever come out for smartphones and tablets. Don’t get me wrong I like Apple products, but their licensing restrictions are a bitch, and customizing your Ipad/Iphone or Macbook is nearly impossible. Microsoft has to much damn money so I refuse to give them anymore, unless I’m not paying for it, ha, and they should just stay out of the smartphone market anyways. The Ipad2 comes out March 11th and i won’t be buying it, and when i do decide to upgrade my macbook I will searching craigslist. But enough with my soapbox on Apple, just take a look at the posted video of the Xoom and specs of the hardware compared to the Ipad, which really don’t matter when it comes down to real world usability, but look at this thing it’s freaking badass!