My Two Cents on Bitcoin

I first got into bitcoin at the end of March 2013 after news broke about the people of Cyprus putting their money in bitcoin at the threat of bank bailouts. Just the thought of that alone peaked my interest in bitcoin. If you knew your money wasn’t going to be worth shit how nice would it to be to be able to transfer the “wealth” to a different form of currency and wait for it to all blow over or just use that alternative money. I did hear about bitcoin before that but i guess i never really thought much of it. I guess it was chilling at like $34 before the Cyprus thing. Maybe I never thought it would be applied to the real world, it would be to hard to easily use.

I hit the google searching everything i could find on bitcoin. Figured out it was pretty much to late in the game for me to get into mining. I just didn’t wanna invest into a couple grand worth of hardware and higher electric bills. So I thought I would just buy them bit by bit, ha ha. During my research into bitcoin I also learned you could play poker with bitcoins online. I was glad to hear that even though I don’t really trust gambling online. I would keep it small and i really wasn’t doing to bad. But enough with poker. Around about July of 2013 I had a little over 5 bitcoins and i think they were at about $95. I wasn’t doing much with them, just sitting on them and playing poker, hoping I would wake up one day and one bitcoin would be worth a million dollars. That summer though I lost my job and I slowly had to sell my bitcoins, then that one day kinda but not really came. Bitcoin hit $1,000. I remember being so mad that i just had 5 of these things. I could have really used that five grand at the time lol.

Well anyways, things are better now and I have half of a bitcoin at this time. I’m still into bitcoin because I believe the world needs it. Anybody in the world can get a bitcoin wallet and send money to a bitcoin address and you don’t need an ID. I can send bitcoin to China to get my reseach chemicals instead of Western Union-ing American dollars in 4 different $900 sums, haha j/k. You know it only costs $14 to send money to China, it’s like that for a reason…Bitcoin helps put the power back in the hands of the people! and i’m out….*drops mic*