I was having an issue with a fresh install of owncloud when i came across next. I was kind of amazed how the whole shit looked exactly the same, even their website looked like a straight copy. I couldn’t figure out my issue with owncloud was, some php error.. but when i decided tried next, I didn’t do anything different, it just worked. I already had everything installed, setup, and php mods enabled, so i don’t know what was up. The iOS app is better though. Some dude on the app reviews was like just use the owncloud app, and save yourself the dollar…lol. ya that worked, but nextclouds interface is cleaner, and smoother.

Here is a snap of performance on ubuntu 16.10, with latest php, mysql, and apache as of date. Never seen this thing use more than 700M, while syncing two Windows clients and uploading from the web ui.

Sorry, owncloud.