Root Droid X with Ice Cream Sandwich

There is a bunch of posts out there on how to root your Droid X then put Ice Cream Sandwich on it, so I just consolidated the info. The Zip file below contains everything you need. Just download the zip and follow my steps and your Droid X will be rooted and have 4.0.3! Oh this is just for phones that are on gingerbread, and with PCs with 32-bit Windows, sorry Linux, and OSX people.

1. On your droid enable USB debugging and installing apk other than market.
2. Install Motohelper Drivers and root tool on your PC.
3. Plug in your phone to the computer and make sure it’s on charge only.
4. Run the root tool, and it will do it’s magic, I think your phone should reboot 3 times.
5. Now your rooted!
6. Transfer the bootstrapper .apk, the and the to your SD card on your phone.
7. Install the bootstrapper.apk on your phone.
8. Open bootstrapper, Flash recovery, then boot to recovery.
9. Your phone now should reboot into recovery.
10. Wipe data and cache.
11. Install zip from SD card and choose the first
12. Then install the the same way.
13. Reboot the phone.

Download .Zip Here

I know the instructions are kinda vague, but if you google the step your stuck on you will find more than your answer. You can also leave a comment as well. Hope this helps 🙂

Oh and sorry about the slow download, my upload speeds are terrible.