Rooting most HTC phones with the Miui rom

When I got my new job they gave me a HTC Incredible, So here I am carrying around 2 phones like I’m some drug dealer. ha. My idea was to port my old number to google voice and disconnect my old service, saving me 80 bucks a month 🙂

After that was done here I am stuck with this plain jane HTC Incredible. After doing some google searching I stumbled upon They make an app that installs on windows, OSX and linux which will install recovery and the rom of your choice, very painless. I installed some rom, don’t remember which one, but I didn’t really like it. After more searching for something different, I found Miui, A rom that kinda looks like the iPhone.
This rom is my favorite rom i have ever played with. It’s very good on battery life, it’s the most different looking rom i have ever seen, and it has transition effects when your flipping through your screens. It’s definitely a rom worth checking out. So if your thinking about rooting your HTC, go to unrevoked and download Miui, it’s very straight forward, not hard to do at all.