Rooting ZTE Score / Google Voice

I found myself in a sticky situation and without a phone. Needing a phone quick I went to Cricket and got the cheapest Android phone I could get, which was the ZTE Score. After purchasing the phone I came to realize that you couldn’t download Google Voice from the market. 🙁 I don’t know why you couldn’t, and I didn’t really care to find out why, all I know is that i needed to find google voice somewhere. A quick search found it somewhere on a file sharing site. I downloaded this first one, and after installing it, the icon looked different and after launching it, it was asking me for my gmail account and password..woah, that’s not right. Soo I exited that will quick and searched again and founded a real version.

Google Voice-

Now I wanted to root this guy. Seeing that the ZTE Score was not a popular phone and that I’m not very good with ADB or Android in general. The only way I could get it to work was with Zerg’s One Click Permanent Root tool. Which meant I had to use a Windows machine, and mine was all disconnected. After hooking all that back up, I installed the Drivers for the ZTE Score. The Phone must be in Debugging Mode, that is done from the home screen by pressing “menu”—>”Settings”—->Manage Applications—>Development and in there Debugging is an option. I plugged the phone in and ran the ZergRushTempRoot.bat file that was inside the zip file of Zerg’s One Click Permanent Root tool. I watched the console do it’s thing, it said it was successful, restarted, then it was rooted. Blam!