Dillon Francis in Phoenix

This post is dedicated to Dillon Francis. I was able to see him in downtown Phoenix a couple of weeks back, and the place was wild. I was able to sneak backstage and ask him about his recent trip to Alaska. I was a little wasted and don’t remember to much of what he said, but I think the convo when something like this.
Me: “So how did you like Alaska?”
Dillon: “It was okay”
Me: “ya, I’m from there”
lol..yaaa I would make a terrible music journalist.. I know we talked about the EDC Alaska video he made but that is about all I remember 😐 He was a very nice person, and I was happy I was able to meet him. Such a fun night!

Here is the video from that night shot by the one and only PheosiA Films Production as well as the EDC Alaska vid, the new Masta Blasta video along with the Que Que video and some crappy pictures I took off my phone.