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Future Dirtybird

What’s his DJ name and when should we expect the finished album? — Dirtybird (@Dirtybird) November 2, 2017 future dirtybird. @Dirtybird — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) November 2, 2017

Justin Martin is Cool as Fuck.

My friend makes tie-dye (@livingsedated). last year at she gave Justin Martin a shirt, and this dude kept it for a whole year and wore it for the dirtybird family set at camp out. I doubt anyone would do that…

2014 Mixmag Djs of the Year

The only reason that I know they were Mixmag’s DJs of the year is because it’s the fucking Martinez Brothers!! me at @themartinezbros tonight. — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) November 7, 2015


Made a mix a couple of weeks ago. I got about half way through before the last mix i didn’t like. It will get you through 30 minutes of your day tho. Download

Coffee Shop Spotify Playlist

So I got a Premium Spotify account after I updated to lollipop on my phone and found out i couldn’t use Pandora Patcher anymore. While reading around, I came across this comment of someone saying they would rather pay for…

BALLAST Exclusive Guest Mix on Shifty Rhythms

Homie Ballast has dumped this mix on Shifty Rhythms. Follow the man. Yo that “Front Ta Back” track is nuts man, I have listened to it at least 10 times today. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

2ToneDisco Horizon Mix

2Tone has dropped a new mix for our listening pleasure. Although I still haven’t listened to it yet, lol, i’m sure it’s good. He is one of my favorite djs in the phx metro area. Dude has helped me out…

Coachella 2013

Finally got around to posting my Coachella adventure. I wasn’t even gonna go this year, but some of my best friends decided to go last minute, so I had to hit craigslist to find a ticket. I was lucky enough…

Ballast / RCKSTR

Three posts this month, woah i must be bored. This one is for my buddy Ballast He’s the better half of the duo formerly known as Moxxy, who was formerly known as La Sape, ha. Here is his first original…

Tabs – Killing It

I haven’t had much time lately, nor have I had anything to write about really. Here is something to get me out of my slump. Tabs is my favorite Pabst drinking, Bugler rolling, American Spirit smoking dj producer duo and…


I first heard of Araab not even 2 weeks ago. The I Remember Deadmau5 remix popped up on the Hype charts and I really dug it. I thought who is this guy with the DJ name drop sample at the…