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It was weird being back home, but it was still nice. Here are some pics from the HTC Re. I will upload the one of my iphone soon. Need to delete those shits anyway.

almost went viral ma’ @AskCheyB i hope your daughter runs away from home. — .Mane (@marcelliotnet) May 16, 2016

Plex and FreeNAS

Plex media server plugin for FreeNAS slays. maybe someday i’ll make a step-by-step. Here is the setup of the cifs shares. Here are the plugins I use. here is the config of the storage for the jail

Stylish: Browser Plugin

Stylish is a browser plugin were it can change the look of your favorite websites. After you have installed the plugin, you can go to userstyles.org to browse and add the different styles that are available. An example of styles…

2014 Mixmag Djs of the Year

The only reason that I know they were Mixmag’s DJs of the year is because it’s the fucking Martinez Brothers!! me at @themartinezbros tonight. pic.twitter.com/vXlyxJCigh — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) November 7, 2015

Red Cups

.@mat pic.twitter.com/tTxyQyc6h3 — Kevin Raposo (@Kevin_Raposo) November 10, 2015 I saw this the other day on the twitter, plus I haven’t wrote anything in a bit so I thought I would give my two cents. Maybe it’s because merica isn’t…


Made a mix a couple of weeks ago. I got about half way through before the last mix i didn’t like. It will get you through 30 minutes of your day tho. Download


I have never seen groups of people yell at each other before, so I went down the the Phoenix mosque yesterday to check it out. I don’t like sticking the camera in peoples faces but I still got some good…


XInsta is a Xposed mod were you can download pictures and video from Instagram. Another reason in the long list of reasons to root your android.                

Nexus Player

By now I thought the Nexus Player would have some cool roms and all sorts of development for it, boy I was wrong. At least you can side load popcorn time and spotify. If you couldn’t side load apps. The…


Last night while my roommates and I were enjoying a evening out at Phoenix’s First Friday. An angry mob came marching down roosevelt protesting the recent killings of unarmed black men and 12 year old boys. They should have turned…

Coffee Shop Spotify Playlist

So I got a Premium Spotify account after I updated to lollipop on my phone and found out i couldn’t use Pandora Patcher anymore. While reading around, I came across this comment of someone saying they would rather pay for…

Coachella 2014

I’m finally getting around to writing about Coachella. It was a weird one, but i still had fun of course. I think the problem was we just tried to plan this big group of all of us camping together. Meeting…

10 Days as an Instagram Bot

One day I stumbled across Instaliker.net It’s pretty much an Instagram bot that takes over your account, which you configure it with hashtags for the bot to go out and find pictures and profiles based on those tags. The site…


Here is a tip to extend your battery life if you have a rooted android device. Get Greenify. Put Instagram and Facebook in hibernation. Now enjoy.