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Marc Elliot

i’m going to start posting my progress or lack of…and maybe start talking stocks and crypto.

i get so angry on twitter.. you all were yelling at me when i was trying to take this pic. i bet you download this and use it as your banner. #PhoenixRally pic.twitter.com/W44p3KWF4E — .merc (@marcelliotnet) August 23, 2017

Matebook X vs. XPS 13

When I saw the leaked pictures of the 2018 XPS 13 (pictured below) I wasn’t a fan. I had been thinking about an upgrade, but I didn’t like that the design didn’t change much or that they made it white.…

Future Dirtybird

What’s his DJ name and when should we expect the finished album? — Dirtybird (@Dirtybird) November 2, 2017 future dirtybird. @Dirtybird pic.twitter.com/K8QPK7aJxX — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) November 2, 2017

Im going to want this for whenever I finish my freenas..


I was having an issue with a fresh install of owncloud when i came across next. I was kind of amazed how the whole shit looked exactly the same, even their website looked like a straight copy. I couldn’t figure…


I guess I should start using facebook again cause I wouldn’t have to find out about these things on local news.. love.gif pic.twitter.com/sq60MZPFOJ — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) February 4, 2017 #PHXLoveforAll — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) February 4, 2017

aww back when i had hope. pic.twitter.com/sCWVUE5eZj — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) October 15, 2016

Justin Martin is Cool as Fuck.

My friend makes tie-dye (@livingsedated). last year at she gave Justin Martin a shirt, and this dude kept it for a whole year and wore it for the dirtybird family set at camp out. I doubt anyone would do that…

全盛期の小室だ pic.twitter.com/JGoOPDU6…

Ghost SCOM Objects

sometimes you may come across ghost SCOM objects, servers that show up in Monitoring with green empty circle, but don’t show up in agent managed or pending management. when this happens you will have to go into the SQL database…

the only reason I get along with trump supporters is that they hate hillary as much as I do, and they can cook up some really good meth. — merc (@marcelliotnet) June 3, 2016

SonicWall PFSense VPN

Setting up a tunnel between two different firewalls can be rather tricky at times. Here we’ll go over configuring a VPN with a SonicWall NSA 250 on with a PFSense on 2.3.1-RELEASE-p5. Let’s go over the config on the…