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just hodl it

could be a dud, or maybe 10k some day.

i’m going to start posting my progress or lack of…and maybe start talking stocks and crypto.

bringing my keyboard to the afterparty.


sure, why not.

i get so angry on twitter.. you all were yelling at me when i was trying to take this pic. i bet you download this… Read More »

I want this to live for all of eternity.

Future Dirtybird

What’s his DJ name and when should we expect the finished album? — Dirtybird (@Dirtybird) November 2, 2017 future dirtybird. @Dirtybird — .Merc… Read More »Future Dirtybird

Im going to want this for whenever I finish my freenas..




I was having an issue with a fresh install of owncloud when i came across next. I was kind of amazed how the whole shit… Read More »Nextcloud

Desktop Wednesdays.

idk I just made that up, but look at my new wallpaper


I guess I should start using facebook again cause I wouldn’t have to find out about these things on local news.. love.gif — .Merc… Read More »#LoveForAll


djm-900 usb record

didn’t know you could record with the usb port on the djm-900. here is a little messing around mix to test it out..

aww back when i had hope. — .Merc (@marcelliotnet) October 15, 2016

the crushed beer can that is america.

album leaf

drank one too many rest stops last night.

全盛期の小室だ — サドルとペダル (@Pedalandsaddle) August 13, 2016

the only reason I get along with trump supporters is that they hate hillary as much as I do, and they can cook up some… Read More »