Vine Embed WordPress Plug-in

Just trying out this vine plug-in for wordpress. Installed cyanogedmod on my roommates galaxy nexus. Here is the vine i made during the process lol.

iOS 7 Beta

Installed iOS 7 Beta on my 4s today. It is a little buggy but I think im going keep using it. Some of the bugs… Read More »iOS 7 Beta

Coachella 2013

Finally got around to posting my Coachella adventure. I wasn’t even gonna go this year, but some of my best friends decided to go last… Read More »Coachella 2013

Sony VSP-NS7

Sony vsp-ns7 is a digital signage appliance. My work has one, and I was given the task to reprogram it. I have never worked with… Read More »Sony VSP-NS7

Phoenix House Mafia

Here is my boys’ Soundwave contest mix. enjoi! Mr. Vegas SPANK Prower Download


Pinstagram is a Pinterest-like web-based application for Instagram. Ever since I have discovered it, I have had a tab dedicated to the site. You can… Read More »Pinstagram


I used to use PDAnet before wireless tethering apps, but then Verizon had to start blocking tethering if you weren’t paying for it, so back… Read More »PDAnet