I had mixed feelings about being back home, but it was still nice..here are some pics from the HTC Re. I will upload the one… Read More »49th

almost went viral ma’ @AskCheyB i hope your daughter runs away from home. — .Mane (@marcelliotnet) May 16, 2016

Red Cups

.@mat pic.twitter.com/tTxyQyc6h3 — Kevin Raposo (@Kevin_Raposo) November 10, 2015 I saw this the other day on the twitter, plus I haven’t wrote anything in a… Read More »Red Cups

Road to Campout

Made a mix of some tracks I pulled out at random for the Dirtybird Campout. Peep https://soundcloud.com/marc-elliot/roadtocampout


Made a mix a couple of weeks ago. I got about half way through before the last mix i didn’t like. It will get you… Read More ».Merc


I have never seen groups of people yell at each other before, so I went down the the Phoenix mosque yesterday to check it out.… Read More »#PHxMosque


XInsta is a Xposed mod were you can download pictures and video from Instagram. Another reason in the long list of reasons to root your… Read More »XInsta

HTC M9’s camera tho.

#HTConeM9 A photo posted by @marcelliotnet on Apr 25, 2015 at 5:51pm PDT


I was happy to get out of the house.

New York City

https://vine.co/v/OD3ipjXBdrj https://vine.co/v/ODLBQdeYD1v https://vine.co/v/OjugnDh9bDK https://vine.co/v/OjEiIEXbbvw


Last night while my roommates and I were enjoying a evening out at Phoenix’s First Friday. An angry mob came marching down roosevelt protesting the… Read More »Phoguson

Philip Hue // Hue Disco

https://vine.co/v/OBX9bjEivuW https://vine.co/v/OBdYTMeQahZ

Coachella 2014

I’m finally getting around to writing about Coachella. It was a weird one, but i still had fun of course. I think the problem was… Read More »Coachella 2014