Red Cups

I saw this the other day on the twitter, plus I haven’t wrote anything in a bit so I thought I would give my two cents. Maybe it’s because merica isn’t all Christian, or the world for that matter. What about Happy Kwanzaa? Marry Eid al-Adha? I know they’re not around the same time, but I don’t think someone who isn’t Christian would want to see it ever time they get a cup of coffee. Why does just Christmas get a cup? Why doesn’t every religion get one then? I was raised Christian, grew up with Christmas. Some of my earliest memories that i can remember were around Christmas time. I’m not going to think there is a some war on Christmas because Starbucks doesn’t want to have it on their cups anymore…Anyway, I just wanted to post this cup cause I thought it was funny as fuck.


I have never seen groups of people yell at each other before, so I went down the the Phoenix mosque yesterday to check it out. I don’t like sticking the camera in peoples faces but I still got some good footage. It was good to see Jews and Muslims on the same side.

I went down there by myself to check it out. After I got back home and showed the video to my roommates, one of them wanted to go back and check it out too. The sun was down so it’s a bit tough to see, but I did get this dumbass. I will stick the camera in your face if I don’t like you, because I don’t give a shit if you like it or not.

Here is the organizer of hate on Anderson Cooper. Cooper makes this guy look like a fool, but that is probably easy to do.

Moral of the story. This was a complete waste of time. There will be some bad apples, I think Islam gets a bad rap because the majority of middle easterns practice Islam. Not all white people are Christian, so when a white dude climbs a tower and starts picking people off, there isn’t anything to blame it on, he was just a troubled kid… The one thing I do like about real Muslims is they don’t try to force their religion down your throat. You don’t have them knocking on your door, or passing out booklets asking, “Have you heard of Mohammed?”


XInsta is a Xposed mod were you can download pictures and video from Instagram. Another reason in the long list of reasons to root your android.










Last night while my roommates and I were enjoying a evening out at Phoenix’s First Friday. An angry mob came marching down roosevelt protesting the recent killings of unarmed black men and 12 year old boys. They should have turned left at the light and all laid down on the I-10. Shut it down.


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Coachella 2014

I’m finally getting around to writing about Coachella. It was a weird one, but i still had fun of course. I think the problem was we just tried to plan this big group of all of us camping together. Meeting up at denny’s, stocking up on supplies at the Von’s, then meeting up again at a hotel parking lot outside of the camp grounds. When you actually make it inside and get everyone situated, then trying to get on the same page, it’s frustrating to say the least. Usually I just peaced out and did my own thing.

This being my 3rd Coachella, I think i’m starting to get the hang of it.The trick this year was don’t get drunk and do cocaine in the middle of the day when it’s 105 out. Do go back and forth between the Do Lab and Yuma Tent until the sun goes down.

Well here are some videos and vines I made when I wasn’t too fucked up. I have the pictures zipped up and stored on my ownCloud and don’t feel like posting them :p


10 Days as an Instagram Bot

One day I stumbled across It’s pretty much an Instagram bot that takes over your account, which you configure it with hashtags for the bot to go out and find pictures and profiles based on those tags. The site came with a free 3 hour trial, so i thought i would be it a shot. Just in those three hours, I think i gained 100 something followers and 500 likes. Then again my bot did go out and like probably 1500 pictures and followed maybe 600 accounts. came with different packages for how long you could rent the bots for. I choose 10 days for like 25 bucks I think. There is different settings of how aggressive the bot will work. I kept it about medium, but my phone started blowing up. I could hardy use it with all the instagram notifications I kept getting. By the end with the first night with the bot, I think I had around 300 new followers and 1500 liked photos, but i followed around 2000. Needless to say after all this was over my instagram account was filled with crap. I downloaded justUnfollow and used that to help me clean up my IG account. After the time with the bot ran out I had about 2300 follows but i followed 6500 or whatever the max is that intsagram allows you to follow. Then I needed clean up my account really bad. I was following shit and did not enjoy looking at my instagram anymore. I pretty much just used JustUnfollow to unfollow everyone that wasn’t following back and i would manually unfollow peoples with crappy pictures, mostly dudes with creepy selfies.

All in all, after I cleaned my up account i’m now following 1085 and have 1947 followers. For a normal person like me, I would not recommend doing this. If you have a company or trying to self promote then go for it, its a helpful tool of trying to get out there. It just drains the shit out of your battery with all the notifications you keep getting. Famous people must just have to turn those shits off.


My Two Cents on Bitcoin

I first got into bitcoin at the end of March 2013 after news broke about the people of Cyprus putting their money in bitcoin at the threat of bank bailouts. Just the thought of that alone peaked my interest in bitcoin. If you knew your money wasn’t going to be worth shit how nice would it to be to be able to transfer the “wealth” to a different form of currency and wait for it to all blow over or just use that alternative money. I did hear about bitcoin before that but i guess i never really thought much of it. I guess it was chilling at like $34 before the Cyprus thing. Maybe I never thought it would be applied to the real world, it would be to hard to easily use.

I hit the google searching everything i could find on bitcoin. Figured out it was pretty much to late in the game for me to get into mining. I just didn’t wanna invest into a couple grand worth of hardware and higher electric bills. So I thought I would just buy them bit by bit, ha ha. During my research into bitcoin I also learned you could play poker with bitcoins online. I was glad to hear that even though I don’t really trust gambling online. I would keep it small and i really wasn’t doing to bad. But enough with poker. Around about July of 2013 I had a little over 5 bitcoins and i think they were at about $95. I wasn’t doing much with them, just sitting on them and playing poker, hoping I would wake up one day and one bitcoin would be worth a million dollars. That summer though I lost my job and I slowly had to sell my bitcoins, then that one day kinda but not really came. Bitcoin hit $1,000. I remember being so mad that i just had 5 of these things. I could have really used that five grand at the time lol.

Well anyways, things are better now and I have half of a bitcoin at this time. I’m still into bitcoin because I believe the world needs it. Anybody in the world can get a bitcoin wallet and send money to a bitcoin address and you don’t need an ID. I can send bitcoin to China to get my reseach chemicals instead of Western Union-ing American dollars in 4 different $900 sums, haha j/k. You know it only costs $14 to send money to China, it’s like that for a reason…Bitcoin helps put the power back in the hands of the people! and i’m out….*drops mic*

Mexico Road Trip to Rosarito for Justin Martin 8.17.13

Some friends and I were taking a road trip to Mexico, but it wasn’t like times where i have been to Mexico before where we just goto our destation and back. We were going to san luis, picking up two people, then driving to Mexicali, spending the night there before we make it to our destation of Rosarito just a little south of Tijuana along the coast.

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wp-admin 404 error after upgrading to 3.5.2

A couple of days ago I upgraded my wordpress from 3.5.1 to 3.5.2. After the upgrade I wasn’t able to log back into the admin page. I just now got it back to working status. I found a post on the forum that helped me out. Thank you ahiddleston.


– V3.5.2 seemed to update okay but I was kicked out of the dashboard right after it finished patching

– could not get back in

– noticed the 404 URL string was referencing “wp-admin/upgrade.php” could not be found

– copied in a new and fresh upgrade.php file

– WordPress prompted that the DB was out of date and need patching

– DB patched — everything working great again.

iOS 7 Beta

Installed iOS 7 Beta on my 4s today. It is a little buggy but I think im going keep using it. Some of the bugs I have noticed are: when opening apps they don’t line up with the screen until they fully open. Kik messenger won’t open. In instagram sometimes the pictures will go black in the news feed. The face on my snapchat icon is missing, weird, but it still works. For the most part it works fine. Hotspot works with usb tethering, the flashlight works, google voice, everything that really matters to me is functional.

I really like the flat UI design, everyone is going with flat so why not apple. I just think flat looks cleaner and I guess so does everyone else. There really isn’t any new features that i have noticed, maybe i should read up on it instead of installing on my phone first :\ but there is a settings control menu you get to by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top. From there you can get to the volume, flashlight, clock, camera, etc. The color scheme changes with the color of your background. For instance if your background is blueish then buttons will be tented blue, if the background is red then the buttons will be tented red, kinda neato. The transitions from app to app and when an app opens is pretty cool yet pretty buggy. I’m sure it will all be running smooth when it is released to the public.

You can install iOS7 beta pretty easily. If you don’t have developers account with apple you can find it on the torrent networks for you device. You will need to be on the latest iOS at first, then just connect your phone to your computer, open itunes, goto the phone section then shift-click on windows or alt-click on mac on the upgrade button and open the iOS7.ipsw file. I have posted a youtube video to follow if you don’t understand my very vague instructions.

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My week so far with Office 365

Moved our mailboxes off exchange 2007 and into Microsoft’s 365 cloud. My boss hired “office 365 experts”. We have multiple email domains in our environment. During the migration some mailboxes synced with errors. We had to get all the sent mail from the old server for the users that still had old account info after the mx switch over. We also used Mail Exclaimer to auto create email signatures for our users, that stopped working, so I had to create them with transports rules. Shared mailboxes imported as user mailboxes. Ya, not a super smooth transition, but most of the mail is there, or the users think it’s all there…

Before I noticed the shared mailbox import issue. The helpers i had already installed all the “shared mailboxes” as second accounts, which makes it harder to manage and takes up a license. The only way to switch user mailboxes to shared is with powershell.

To install powershell and enable it to manage office 365 you will need Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell installed. That will require Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant, .NET Framework 3.5.1, and as well as PowerShell.

The get the exchange cmdlets open up powershell and run these 5 commands:

Import-Module MSOnline

$O365Cred = Get-Credential

$O365Session = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $O365Cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $O365Session

Connect-MsolService –Credential $O365Cred

After you get the exchange cmdlets installed run this to switch user mailboxes to shared one:

Get-Mailbox -Identity | Set-Mailbox -Type Shared

You will probably have to do some permissions clean up. I noticed when you add full delegation to someones mailbox or to a shared mail box it automatically appear in there outlook. Changes also take a while to take affect. So far my over all experience with 365 is kinda negative, maybe it will change after i get used to it :\

Coachella 2013

Finally got around to posting my Coachella adventure. I wasn’t even gonna go this year, but some of my best friends decided to go last minute, so I had to hit craigslist to find a ticket. I was lucky enough to find this chick that just got a job at Facebook and wasn’t able to go. I bought it from her for $280 🙂 I took Friday and Monday off and headed to Indio with my two roommates. The weekend was a blast, but how could it not be, right?! Here are some videos and pictures. The photos aren’t mine, videos are. Really mad at myself for not getting any footage of Major Lazer though.




Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Modest Mouse

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Upgrade WordPress from 3.4.2 to 3.5.1

Just upgraded then wrote this. Well I didn’t even know there was an update to 3.5 because usually the dashboard tells you. I guess there is no automatic upgrade. I downloaded the zip from wordpress, and extracted the files. Backed up everything, disabled all my plug-ins, then deleted everything in the root directory except wp-config.php and the wp-content folder. I copied everything over from the zip file except the wp-content folder, and after that I was pretty much done. Just navigated to and clicked upgrade. I logged in, enabled all my plug-ins and I was back up. It was pretty damn pain-free, probably took me longer to write this…

Backups to Freenas via rSync with DeltaCopy

At my work we were backing up to a windows server with raid5 configured in the OS. The admin before me for some reason built a box with it’s purpose in mind for doing backups and it doesn’t have hardware raid?! Well I wanted a cooler way of doing backups besides using windows. I couldn’t get a raid controller so I would still have to setup raid with software. I downloaded Freenas, moved about 3.5 TB of data to a backup backup drive, and popped in the burnt ISO. After I setup three 3TB drives with ZFS, I had about 5.8TB of space to work with. I created a windows share for backups and setup rSync on the Freenas box. We have a windows 2008 box that is our file server (no surprise there, at least the raid5 is setup on controller instead of with the OS.) I downloaded DeltaCopy and setup the client part of the software. It schedules a task to run DeltaCopy and I have it configured to run every 2 hours. The first backup took about 3 days, but after that it seems like it takes 5 minutes, because of the way rSync works, or maybe it’s the workers at my work aren’t working cause the files never change.

Pill Murray – Epic Club Bangers Volume One

I had to put out this mix as Pill Murray so I could borrow a pair of cdj-900s. My tables are so outta wack it’s not really fun anymore. I downloaded some torrent full of club tracks, thumbed through it and shit this out. It’s probably the best recorded mix I have ever done, and it was the first one where I would loop the beginning and end of each track. Even when I use Serato I would keep it old school, I gave into technology ha.

1. Flash Down. Steve Aoki, Angger Dimas, Afrojack vs. Green Velvet, Nicky Romero
2. Make Some Atom (Clockwork Bootleg). Chuckie, JunxterJack vs. Nari & Milani
3. Joyenergizer (Original Mix). Sander Van Doorn
4. Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (Tom Swoon Remix). Bloody Beetroots, Greta Svabo Bech
5. One Step Atom (Abel Ramos Mashup).Nari & Milani
6. Strong (Dannic Remix). Kid Massive, Alex Sayz, Miella
7. Lockdown (Original Mix). Jason Risk feat. NessaKay
8. We Got This (Original Mix). George Acosta
9. In Time feat. Anabel Englund (The 8th Note Remix). PeaceTreaty
10. Spike (Original Mix). Charlie Darker
11. Lights (Nothing Matters Now) (feat. Keshia Angeline) (Incognet Remix). Titus1
12. The Rookie (Original Mix). The Chainsmokers
13. Intropical (Original Mix). Walden
14. Help Me (Original Mix). Quadro

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Sony VSP-NS7

Sony vsp-ns7 is a digital signage appliance. My work has one, and I was given the task to reprogram it. I have never worked with one of these before. The main reason for this post is the frustration I had just to manage this box. You can NOT have a keyboard plugged into this device or it goes into service mode, which in “service mode” I would think you would be able to make changes to it? but you can’t…

Dillon Francis @ Monarch in Phoenix, AZ (Masta Blasta Rebirth)

This is the original video by Pheosia Films but wasn’t allowed to release it because the Masta Blasta Rebirth music video wasn’t out yet. The homie at Pheosia put up the vid up on a password protected vimeo link and let me see it since I make more appearances in this video than Dillon does. I have downloaded it and posted it here for the world to see. I was definitely on one this night and idgafos. It was a great fucking night

Migrating Kayako Fusion From Windows to Ubuntu

I guess I was bored at work, but when I started at the place I work at now, they had Kayako Fusion installed on a WAMP box running XP sitting on a laptop at the desk I sit at. I built a Proxmox box the other day out of an Acer desktop and I thought “boy wouldn’t it be great if I could move Kayako off that stupid laptop and put it on a VM running Ubuntu?!” So I created a VM and installed Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and SSH. Installed MySQL workbench on my laptop and exported the Kayako database, then grabbed the Kayako web files.

I wanted to have this system running on the least possible memory it could so I uninstalled the GUI from Ubuntu which also forced myself to learn Linux commands better, lol. I used Putty and Filezilla to administer the box. The whole process went pretty well. The only problems I ran into were there were cache files in one of the web files directories that were moved over that need to be deleted. PHP needs to be installed with IMAP and with the mail function, and Setting up the cronjob that uses wget to run a PHP script that fetches the emails and places them in the queue.

Here are some links that will help you out:

Setting up the PHP mail function on Ubuntu

Setting up a cron job to use wget to fetch the emails from the help desk mailbox